ArTechník Podcast + 24 - The Science of Art, Part 2 of 2

THE EPIC CONCLUSION! EXPLOSIONS! SUSPENSE! PODCASTING! Adam, Jef and Aaron continue their conversation on the art of science, this time focusing on the audience instead of the artist. MRI scans of wine drinking art lookers, the economics of buying comic books, what makes a major market and what is personal branding anyway?

ArTechník Podcast + 23 - The Science of Art, Part 1 of 2

Jef, Adam and Aaron discuss the scientific studies of art creation. The economics of being an artist, the psychological tools available to improve artistic output and the neurological responses of an artist creating. Next week, the science of the artistic audience.

Artists in the Workforce

Inside the mind of an actor (literally) | Science | The Guardian


Brain scans tune in to personal nature of improvising music –

ArTechník Podcast + 21 - Patently Absurd!

This episode, it’s Samsung versus Apple in a patent dispute battle to the legal death! How much can you patent a black rectangle? We find out! Also, Leslie Neilson in Batman Begins and Aaron, Adam and Jef play a round of ‘Liar’s Game,’ ArTechník style!

ArTechník Podcast + 19 - Augmented Reality

The intersection of art and tech. In this episode we get real about virtual reality and examine the Mona Lisa’s future as a rapper. Word.



Springer Academy

Color Picker Pen

Sonicwire sculputure


The Book that cannot wait

ArTechník Podcast + 18 - Transit of Aristotle

The intersection of art and tech. In this episode chock full of wandering topics, we discuss everything from Mr. Wizard to  and ask “When did science leave political discourse and is art to blame?”

PS: Why Aristotle? Because he was into things that today might be considered mutually exclusive, such as science, religion art and, of course, technology.


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Adam’s Recipe

ArTechník Podcast + 14 - Pungorithm

The interection of art and technology. This episode, Aaron, Adam and Jef discuss games that create themselves, product release announcements as the new Snake Oil shows, Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, the demon living inside the Retina MacBook Pro and wtf is the Wii U?

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Michael Cook’s site GAMES BY ANGELINA

Jef Holbrook Impersonation Bingo!

Science: It’s a Girl Thing

ArTechník Podcast + 13 - Universal Translator

A podcast about the interesction of art and tehcnology. Live from Athens, GA, this episode was recorded at Hendershot’s Coffee. Adam, Jef and Aaron discuss the new Google Translate app, summer camps, Adam Weeeeesssst and Artistic End-of-Life Robots, among other things. Enjoy!

ArTechník Podcast + 12 - Rabbit Hole

A podcast about the interesction of art and technology. This episode, we discuss a lot about the how the adult entertainment industry has led advances in technology for non-adult art forms, such as movie format standards like DVD and more. Special guest Benjamin Reed.

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ArTechník Podcast + 11 - Dancing Out Science

A podcast about the intersection of art and technology. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. In this episode, Adam, Aaron and Jef discuss “Dance Your PhD,” “what makes a book a book?” Aaron’s MAT nomination and the antics of TV’s Jef Holbrook.

Happy listening!

ArTechník Podcast + 9 - Gotye Over (?)

A podcast about the intersection of arts and technology. This episode, Jef, Aaron and Adam discuss how to handle death in video games from a storytelling perspective. Does a death mechanic interrupt the narrative flow of a game? How and why “game overs,” “extra lives” and the rest came to be. Plus, Gotye plus projections, sound design in live theatre and why Adam is ahead of his time.
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ArTechník Podcast + 7 - Supermoon Robots!

A podcast about the intersection of arts and technology. In this ‘awesome o’clock’ edition, Adam Jef and Aaron discuss robot art, the super moon and more. Anything we can think of involving robots and art is covered in this episode, with plenty of room for a ‘part two’ down the road. Enjoy!

ArTechník Podcast + 6: Implied Burn



A podcast about the intersection of art and technology. Episode 6. This one is fun! Aaron Adam and Jef discuss Edgar Wright’s Brandon Generator, MSIE 9, coffee addiction, virtual Madagascar, motion comics, Xtra Normal and the paywall, Scott Adams free God’s Debris vs. the paid sequel, ebook pricing litigation, homeland security monitors everything on the internet (ha ha), why Aaron is cheap and Jef is broke, the seven-time rule, Mona (Museum of Old and New Art), another new digital museum, eccentric billionaires, a museum-based dating service, why Don Knotts had vaseline on his eyes,  the dog who couldn’t spell ‘Brutus’ in court, X-Men, Avengers, Star Trek (again), in defense of superhero movies as American mythology, Tom Hiddleston, Patrick Stewart in The Captains, why isn’t Pinterest a site dedicated to the work of Harold Pinter? Also why guys don’t like Pinterest, intentional contradiction techniques in directing a play, RIP Superman’s underwear, Christopher Reeve and “the giggle test.” Finally: why we’re wagging our fingers at Australia and saying “F” the Dutch.