ArTechník Podcast + 3 - "Cast of I Tweeted on My iPad and I Liked It"

A podcast about the intersection of arts and technology.

Episode 3.  Spoiler alerts! We sit down with the cast of the new show "I Tweeted on My iPad and I Liked It," a comedy from the Springer Opera House about how social media has changed the world. Runs April 12-21. Tickets at Guests include Adam Archer, Cameron Bean, EJ Cameron, Casey Holloway, Jim Pharr and Helen Varner. Featuring: How to pitch a show to the producer, how to create a revue show, the five-block rule, character connections via costumes, audience interaction, lions vs. unicorns, the fourth wall, what to cut vs. what to keep, nerd bergs, Adam Archer impersonations  and how to say the word "Linux."