ArTechník + Podcast #5 - "Writing is (Not) a Talent"

With new and improved audio! A podcast about the intersection of art and technology. Episode 05. Enjoy the tangential goodness today! Great topics including: Scott Sigler, Podiobooks, continuing our discussion on 1,000 True Fans, Dickens, becoming a better writer by not showing off, comic books, self-publishing, Marvel Infinite Comics, motion comics, Script Frenzy 2012, XKCD, how to stay on your current creative project, Jedi Tupac hologram vs. Trek Tasha Yar hologram, Pepper's Ghost, how to tour an artist posthumously, Aaron's one useable piece of rap knowledge, RIP Dick Clark, Secret Tales from American Bandstand, Did William Shatner get a better death on Priceline than Star Trek? Okdudagrams, Jef does more awful impressions, The Avengers, why Adam likes aintitcool, what is wrong with the 2012 equation (remember Y2K?) our soft openings  and Adam's mom.