ArTechník Podcast + 6: Implied Burn



A podcast about the intersection of art and technology. Episode 6. This one is fun! Aaron Adam and Jef discuss Edgar Wright’s Brandon Generator, MSIE 9, coffee addiction, virtual Madagascar, motion comics, Xtra Normal and the paywall, Scott Adams free God’s Debris vs. the paid sequel, ebook pricing litigation, homeland security monitors everything on the internet (ha ha), why Aaron is cheap and Jef is broke, the seven-time rule, Mona (Museum of Old and New Art), another new digital museum, eccentric billionaires, a museum-based dating service, why Don Knotts had vaseline on his eyes,  the dog who couldn’t spell ‘Brutus’ in court, X-Men, Avengers, Star Trek (again), in defense of superhero movies as American mythology, Tom Hiddleston, Patrick Stewart in The Captains, why isn’t Pinterest a site dedicated to the work of Harold Pinter? Also why guys don’t like Pinterest, intentional contradiction techniques in directing a play, RIP Superman’s underwear, Christopher Reeve and “the giggle test.” Finally: why we’re wagging our fingers at Australia and saying “F” the Dutch.

ArTechník + Podcast #5 - "Writing is (Not) a Talent"

With new and improved audio! A podcast about the intersection of art and technology. Episode 05. Enjoy the tangential goodness today! Great topics including: Scott Sigler, Podiobooks, continuing our discussion on 1,000 True Fans, Dickens, becoming a better writer by not showing off, comic books, self-publishing, Marvel Infinite Comics, motion comics, Script Frenzy 2012, XKCD, how to stay on your current creative project, Jedi Tupac hologram vs. Trek Tasha Yar hologram, Pepper's Ghost, how to tour an artist posthumously, Aaron's one useable piece of rap knowledge, RIP Dick Clark, Secret Tales from American Bandstand, Did William Shatner get a better death on Priceline than Star Trek? Okdudagrams, Jef does more awful impressions, The Avengers, why Adam likes aintitcool, what is wrong with the 2012 equation (remember Y2K?) our soft openings  and Adam's mom.

ArTechník Podcast + 4 - "TYA, UV and ART"

A podcast about the intersection of arts and technology. This episode: Adam, Aaron and Jef discuss why Ultraviolet may be encouraging movie piracy, why TYA (aka "Children's Theatre) is often more impressive than so-called "regular" theatre, how TYA acting is like Shakespeare, burning rabbits, "Theatre in Our Schools Month, Music in Our Schools Month," the rules of Star Trek, audience demographics, accountants playing basketball, SoHo Gallery for Digital Art, Video not killing the ventriloquist Radio Star, Copyright and how -not- to get a job as a Scenic Designer.

ArTechník Podcast + 3 - "Cast of I Tweeted on My iPad and I Liked It"

A podcast about the intersection of arts and technology.

Episode 3.  Spoiler alerts! We sit down with the cast of the new show "I Tweeted on My iPad and I Liked It," a comedy from the Springer Opera House about how social media has changed the world. Runs April 12-21. Tickets at Guests include Adam Archer, Cameron Bean, EJ Cameron, Casey Holloway, Jim Pharr and Helen Varner. Featuring: How to pitch a show to the producer, how to create a revue show, the five-block rule, character connections via costumes, audience interaction, lions vs. unicorns, the fourth wall, what to cut vs. what to keep, nerd bergs, Adam Archer impersonations  and how to say the word "Linux."

ArTechník Podcast + 2 - "Video Game Art"

A podcast about the intersection of arts and technology.

Episode 2. Jef, Adam and Aaron discuss floating movie theatres in Thailand, video games as art, transgender artists, haptic tattoos, soft-gel magnets in costume design, translucent concrete, current projects and holographic internal psychotherapy. Also: Anna Anthropy, Dys4ria game, The End of Us, Inventables.
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ArTechník Podcast + 1 - "Live Digital Theatre"

A podcast about the intersection of art and technology.

Episode 1: Jef, Aaron and Adam discuss cheaper tech for better storytelling, Garageband Jam Session on the New iPad, Who We Are, Celtx Screenwriting Software, 1000 True Fans, Speaking of Twitter, Kids Quitting Facebook?, Personal vs. Professional Internet, Roseanne’s objectivity, Where Carnies Retire, ScanOps, Jurassic Disappointment, The Return of Adventure Games, The PS Vita, and the Gameboy Graveyard.

This week we talk about:
Us, Introductions and the birth of the ArTechnik podcast
1,000 True Fans
3-D Movies
Canadian Buffoonery
The PSVita
Pancake Divination Techniques
Garage Band Jam Session
1,000 True Fans
ScanOps Images

And a whole bunch more!