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Just a quick update about how the little show is gettin' on, cowpokes. So, saddle up for two quick minutes of news from the homestead, pardner. Hey, at least there's music.

The Assembler - Pilot, Part 2: Fan Fiction is a Whetting Stone

The conversation continues! This time, the crew discusses the Charlie Rose interview of George Lucas (, the validity of Fan Fiction as an art form and a closer examination of our main topic, "what is art?"

Featuring host Jef Holbrook and guests Aaron Gotlieb, Sara Lynn Herman, Adam Montague and Scott B. Smith.


The Charlie Rose interview of George Lucas on Hulu:

Whetting Stone:

The Assembler Pilot, Part 1:


The Assembler - Pilot, Part 1 : The Most People? Or The Right People?

The Assembler - Pilot, Part 1

"The Most People? Or The Right People?"

Sara Lynn Herman, Aaron Gotlieb, Adam Montague and Scott B. Smith around the mic with Jef Holbrok (not pictured).

We take our new show for a test run in this three-part pilot for The Assembler podcast with Jef Holbrook. Around the mic today are members of the Assembler Studios (and Polar Studios) creative team, including: Aaron Gotlieb, founder of Dancing Monkey Cabaret and retired host of ArTechník Podcast, Sara Lynn Herman, actor and founder of Rogue Masks, Jef Holbrook, the host of The Assembler podcast, Adam Montague, host of the Up For A Challenge podcast, and Scott B. Smith, writer and founder of Gyre Studios. The topic? What makes good art. 

Some abbreviated show notes:

- AFM - 2016-01-04 Show Notes for The Assembler - Pilot Episode, Part 1

        - "Out there"
            - Everyone has a show
            - "People are into what they are into"
        - "One little idea"
            - "It just becomes noise?"
            - Regarding follow-through...
            - "What's the goal?"
        - The most people? or the right people?
            - Therapy vs audience
        - Everyone's got an idea
            - VanGogh can't hear them laughing at him
            - If Emily Dickinson had a LiveJournal
            - Community
        - A problem with cynicism

Join us for part 2 of the pilot next week!