Up For A Challenge #4 - Licked By Strangers

Up For A Challenge #4 - Licked By Strangers  - http://assembler.fm/u4c/4

Adam, Sara and Jef recount the results of last week's challenge. What, if anything, did it have to do with playing guitar and the availability of soap? Find out in this week's episode of Up For A Challenge!

Things discussed this episode:

Rogue Masks: http://roguemasks.com

OmniOutliner, Evernote, Scrivener - Jef's favorite tools for writing/procrastinating before writing.

The Cricket: (Kindle books or get the print version on IndyPlanet), The Cricket: Diamonds Are For Never - IMDB (available to watch on YouTube), and the Cricket's homepage: http://cricketcomics.com

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